里约奥运场上无人机科技的运用与阻挡 - huanqiu.com:2021-8-22 · (Source:YouTube 截图) 拍摄的方式,是在比赛现场的 Rodrigo de Freitas 湖部署两台无人机进行拍摄。OBS 顾问 Dave Gordon 指出:“传统众定点高架悬臂摄影机拍摄的画面,视野多有画面扭曲的问题,然而无人机空拍就能完全避免这个缺憾了。


Explore and learn from the educators, who are helping shape the education industry and push it forward.

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    2 - 4 March 2021
    Dubai World Trade Centre

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    16 - 18 September 2024
    Jakarta Convention Centre


    1-3 October 2024
    Istanbul, Lütfü Kırdar Congress Center

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    24 - 25 November 2024
    Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre



  1. 1 Facilitating relationship building between Members by providing valuable networking opportunities.
  2. 2 Offering exclusive training opportunities targeted towards educational leaders both at GESS exhibitionsand also at satellite events during the year.
  3. 3 Helping our Members navigate our exhibitions efficiently and connect with the right exhibitors who are offering project-relevant products and services.


  • A Dedicated registration and fast track entry
  • B Leaders in Education badge recognised by exhibitors and members for easy networking
  • C Exclusive networking events throughout the year
  • D Exclusive conference content through our Leadership Stream specially designed for our members, with priority registration and seating
  • E Access Leaders in Education lounge


We write, share and broadcast the latest show news, to keep you in the loop and to share our knowledge, expertise and empower others to make the web delightful. Check out our news for the latest stories.

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2021AI巨头开源IP盘点 50个最常用的深度学习库 - huanqiu.com:2021-12-26 · 谷歌官方博客上说,在视频的数量和种类上,Youtube-8M伕表的是几乎指数级的增长。 9.谷歌发布Open Images图片数据集,包含900万标注图片 2021年10月1日,继前天发布800万视频数据集之后,谷歌又发布了图片数据库Open Images,包含了900万标注数据,标签种类超过6000种。

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New Speakers Confirmed for GESS Leaders EdTech Summit Dubai

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First lineup of speakers announced for GESS Leaders Edtech Summit Dubai

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Leaders in Education Summit Takes Place in Nigeria – Delegate Numbers Exceed Expectations

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UK education suppliers experience unprecedented export sales growth

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Watch all the action from GESS Dubai, find out what some of our fantastic exhibitors thought and exclusive footage from our free conference sessions and hands on workshops.

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  • GESS Dubai 2016 Official Show Video

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